Sitting Just To Be

Published on Jan 13, 2016 by in Haiku, Meditation, Teachings


the moment i begin to teach meditation to a new student, they usually ask about my own spiritual benchmarks. i’m obligated not to share too much, for in doing so would only empower my ahamkara (egoic sheath) and color my student’s meditation journey which is not my SvaDharma (Sacred Duty)…

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The Householder knows (5)

Truth is hard on the subway (7)

Never stop trying! (5)

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Confused by beauty (5)
Scintillated by It All (7)
Ice melts, so do we (5)

– pic and haiku by ilg


i released this pic and Haiku on my personal Facebook Page..nearly immediately 37 warriors chimed in..i offered a free DVD to the person writing a
haiku about the picture presented…the winner was Durangatang and HP Yogini Devotee, Jacqueline B who submitted:

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Ice Melts…so do we…

Published on Jan 24, 2013 by in Haiku, Teachings


i am confused by the beauty of this photo of yours…can you provide a Haiku for it?

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running in snowshoes (5)

snowflake falls upon sandstone (7)

mountain chill feels Go(o)d (5)

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spinning outside in (5)

with power, focus, and love (7)

beauty all around (5)

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leaf veins penetrate (5)
water droplets firing (7)
like no-thing as is (5)

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Picking Apples among the Sacred Topography of September…

as i lay prostrate upon Mother Earth in an attempt to photograph the stupa-like, bare-heiny’d figure of Dewa beneath the generous-in-death dying of an apple tree, even feeble ilg began to realize that this Fatherhood Journey of mine connects me ike an eon-old phurba to all my kind Teachers, Deities, and Guides of my past as well as to the Ancient yogis, saints, and compassionate actions-no-matter-what of practitioners. though my ego would have preferred the path of hermit than to the endless ricocheting of schedules and time/energy demands inherent to being the householder yogi ilg now finds himself in…all i can say is that i sense beyond the shadow of a Buddha, that these daze/days are in fact, sacred topography upon the map of my ever-evolving Soul..and that all my outer Pilgrimages give birth again and again to an inner pilgrimage far more sacred, far more subtle, far more exquisite than my feeble incarnation can even imagine to place before thee in word or form or action of any kind…

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