Is there a Higher Yoga Practice than Conscious Parenting?  Is there a more potent m(om)ent of union than sharing a well-earned dessert on a family member’s birthday?  Hmmmm…. photo by a fellow diner at The Alley House in Pagosa Springs, Colorado this tuesday night for Ananada’s 44th birthday…Blessed be all birthdays…

(Coach’s Note:  FamilyTime Yoga™ offered here in Durango,CO was created by my Beloved Partner,  Joy ‘Ananda’ Kilpatrick, our little Rinpoche; Dewachen, and myself through the support of WF Students such as you and in particular WF Devotees; Sam P. and Marilyn G. who put their money behind their heart to help support a new generation of WF-Trained Chi-ldren…if YOU wish to help Joy and myself further the wholistic education and inspiration of chi-ldren in Durango, let me know!)


Namaste, Noble Parents and Lil’ Yogis~

I Trust that this correspondence finds you all healthy and enjoying one another.

Our next Family Time Yoga Practice will be hosted on May 1st. I have enclosed a flyer
below for your viewing. We will be exploring the story, “The Little Tree” with the message
that our differences make us “perfect” just as we are.

I hope you and your family can join us for some fun asana exploration, along with other
age appropriate Yogic techniques and wholistic play.

Because of the limited amount of room, I am requesting that you reserve your space beforehand.

Thank you.

In joyful service,
joy kilpatrick


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