ran up to T2 (tower #2…upper left)  on Smelter singletrack in 24 minutes…felt like nothing…that Asea Sacred Water, is CRAZY!  if you are not yet on it, get on it TODAY!   ran  down in 11 minutes…swear that 1,200′ climb has gots to be one of Durango’s best lunch-hour workouts! wore my zero-support Saucony Mirage’s…yum, yum, OM~ a Turkey Vulture drew a bead on me and swept right at me on the arete! rad!
durango view smelter
view of Durango, looking north up the Animas Valley from near T2 on Smelter Mountain..
great place to stop and do a Pranayama Appetizer…

seems like every mountain town has one of these 25′ type of go-to hill runs; Boulder has Mt. Sanitas, Santa Fe has Atalaya, The Valley in LA has Caballero…Flagstaff has Elden…in D-town? we got our Smelter…
so, how did you honor Earth Day? let me know in the SanghaLounge!
i just had to let me feet feel Ma today…nothing like running to solidify the Great Spirit within and without…now, we’re gonna pick up some litter as a family, then ride the trolley downtown for a bit of family time din din…Blessed be your sweat today on Earth Day!

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