all photos and pics by ilg unless otherwise noted…enjoy and THANK YOU for choosing to be a part of our WF Family!!!!

dewa trip

remember what it was like to get loaded up, buckled up, and waiting FOREVER for your parents to GET GOING on a vacation?  though we were headed only 65 miles away,  65 miles is like several hours for a 3.5 year old!

climbing endlessly again and again into the mental/emotional/spiritual mindset of ‘my’ chi-ild is an ongoing yogic practice for ilg, a Practice which my years of Meditation have helped me immeasurably…thanks, ilg, for doing what it took to Sit Still…it has helped in my Fatherhood among many other facets of life…

bike rack

trust me, ilg did NOT plan it to be this way when at 48 years old!  ilg was selfishly visualizing a Time Trial bike, Road Bike, and Mountain Bike all for ME, ME, ME!    oh well…

From L-R:  Dewa’s 2-Wheeler “Pink”, Ananda’s Trek, “Ajna”, and my road bike, “Vajrapani” loaded on “Bala” our Honda Element.  License plate reads; “BLESSED BE THY SWEAT”


Ammaji and Dewachen…the Dynamic Duo…i could count the hours on two hands that these two have been more than an arm’s reach away from one away since Dewa was born 3.5 years ago…yet, these two Souls just continue to dance their karmic bond in such moving, loving ways it continuously brings ‘happy tears’ to me.

i hooked us up at The Springs Resort in my former hOMetown of Pagosa Springs…a unique, and formerly sacred place of “Healing Waters” for the Ute Native Americans which inhabited this deeply wild “Weminuche” region…the Resort is built around a dozen ancient healing hot springs magically sprung near the rushing waters of the San Juan River…

dewa cross

this shot really got me…with Dewa’s soul-filled eyes while being hooded like a monk and the cross-like support to her left just begged for a picture…

Dewachen and “Allie” her Alligator friend at one of the dozen hot springs…this one, “Dancing Waters” is only 91 degrees…some soar to over 115 degrees!

fam 4*11*11

a well earned dessert on a family member’s birthday…just try to tell me;  how precious ARE such mOMents?!?

alley house

Trust me,  i used to live here…Pagosa Springs is NOT noted for its dining…however, the Alley House absolutely, totally kicks ass!  Besides, how Om So Ti is it that it is named “Alley House”…perhaps in honor of Dewa’s alligator friend shown above named, Allie!  You never know about such things!

dewa scooter steam

Dewa, riding her scooter “Pinkie”, as hot springs steam rise behind her.

i had selfishly planned to ride to Pagosa Springs to meet my girls there, then the next day ride Wolf Creek Pass as ideal and much needed training for the Iron Horse Bicycle Race; the first event in my Summer Racing.  turns out i had to sever those selfish ties for the WF Lifestyle Principle #3; Appropriate Action.   it was more spiritually relevant for me to simply be with my family instead of compulsively training…thus, i only managed one sacred 40-minute run on Reservoir Hill instead of two huge road cycling workouts….

no scooter

“Dewa…Daddy said, ‘NO’…you cannot bring Pinkie into the restaurant!”

Of course, she-who-wears-the-pants-already-in-our-family not only rode Pinkie to Pagosa Bakery in morning, she rode it INTO the delicious bakery…

ananda scooter

hate to tell ya, however, to ilg?  this former movie star don’t look a day over 30 to me!  Happy 44th Beloved Ammaji!!!

amma and dewa slide

go ahead, try to slap a ‘price point’ on this mOMent!  i dare you!

bridge over the San Juan

bridge over the San Juan.  believe it or not,  when i lived in Pagosa Springs and still was a rock climber/mountaineer,  i actually went hand-over-hand beneath this bridge using one hand on either side of one of the above pictured concrete support beams which are really wide and hard to grip.  the crazy thing about this strength feat (i dare you!) is that i did it during spring runoff when the San Juan was about 4x as powerful as is pictured here…and i can’t swim!


Checkmate…Rinpoche style!

riding hotel 1

“Honey, i don’t know if riding Pink in the hotel is such a great idea…Honey..Dewa!  Did you hear me?…”

hotel riding 2

“Dewa…you turn around RIGHT NOW…get back here…we are packing to go…”

hotel riding 3

“Okay Daddy!  But…LOOK AT ME!!!!”

Coach’s note:  as a role model for Conscious Parenting ilg does NOT endorse the act of kids riding up and down through the halls of fancy-smanchy hotels…(don’t look now, but i have my fingers crossed!)

Blessed be thy Practice,


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