i rode my road bike to Mancos, Colorado…another county away…to meet my girls who had driven there to meet other Conscious Parents to take their kids to a farm owned by a Practioner,  Sandra, i think is her name.

i did not meet Sandra.  nor any of the farm animals  pictured below.  cuz in Family Fitness Training?  you just gotta keep rolling the dice, taking chances on combing personal training needs with that of the ever dis-in-sync family needs.

however,  i did put forth Noble Effort.  hard.  in fact,  i pedaled my bike thirty miles over two mountain passes at an average speed of 16 mph solo in high winds in order to try to make it to the girl’s “farm date.”  on the west side of Mancos Hill my speedometer spat out the high speed stat of 78kph down choppy pavement and buffeted by significant crosswinds.  on 26×22 wheels?  lemme reMind you;  speed, my friend, is relative…


Yesterday,  Dewa and Abba chow down on some h(om)emade healthy cookies and soy milk…

Don’t be in too much of a hurry to solve all your doubts and problems. As the masters say: “Make haste slowly.”  do no have unreasonable expectations, because it takes time for spiritual growth. It takes years to learn another language or a difficult yoga asana properly or attain a podium in a new sport…so,  really why expect to have all the answers, let alone become enlightened, in a few years?


Chicks…feathered and (Dewa) unfeathered…at the farm in Mancos…

The WF  journey is one of continuous confrontation with our addicted selves…a continual pursuit of re-learning that which has been forgotten, and cellular purification which inevitably leads to spiritual empowerment. When you know this,  and practice this daily?…


you become humble….


There is a famous Tibetan saying: “Do not mistake understanding for realization, and do not mistake realization for liberation.”


And Milarepa said: “Do not entertain hopes for realization, but practice all your life.”

head bowed,

your feeble teacher

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