“As waves make toward the pebbled shore,

so too, do our minutes hasten to their end…”

– Shakespeare


Dear Dad,

yesterday evening, squatting among the caddis flies next to the Sacred Animas River with Grandmother Moon rising …i concluded my final Bardo Meditations/Prayers/rebirth Visualizations for my you…

you, Puggy, whose tougher than nails Germanic constitution has helped my own Journey overcome paralysis, bankruptcy, divorce, and still sees me to the top of podiums besting younger competitors born a quarter century before me now continues in a new form…and i am watching for ‘you’, Dad…

…i am watching the Signs closely…

it’s been an honor to be your first born son and it’s been deep, sacred privilege to do what i’ve done over the past 49 days to help your Soul navigate the wrathful and peaceful territory of the Bardo…us kids are helping M(om) as best we can…

silver mt

my next Healing Appropriate Action is to summit the Sacred Peak under which you brought us, your family so many years ago…there, atop the shimmering La Plata’s…i’ll spread your ashes…i guess you’d just rather be in Colorado after all, eh?

…i’m watching the Signs closely, Puggy…and you can find me fly fishing the banks of the Sacred Animas, Junction, Hermosa and the other high country streams this summer…thinking, feeling, and being with you…


until Next Time; my Beloved Father whose work ethic and love for his family continues to set the standards for my own Fatherhood just beginning…

Om So Ti,

your endlessly loving son,

“Puggy 2


photos by ilg:

1) “Puggy” outside the famed, Henry Ilg Florist in Winnetka, Illinois in the late fifties holding up my sister, Connie.

2) Silver Mountain, the Sacred Peak in the nearby La Plata Mountains, under which we grew up after my Dad moved our family out west when i was just a tyke.  this was the view from my childhood bedroom window.  no small wonder i grew up to be a mountaineer, eh?

3) Puggy 2 and Dewachen last week, photo by Ananda

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