a shot from when feeble ilg “had it all” from an Outer World perspective;  6 figures in the bank account, a harem of fitness honeys, celebrity fitness clients, my own yoga studio, and thankfully, still the Divine Light showed me the Way Higher and out from this trap…photo by (unnamed) after a full night of partying at the Bellagio, Las Vegas, circa 2004. Below, i answer a shout for help from a young gun in LA who found himself in my same spiritual trip and trap…you might be surprised at my answer….


“Coach,   i know you are the only person i can safely ask this question to…
i’m 23 years old and a fitness fanatic….in the day time…in the night time?  well, here in LA, as you know, things get quickly out of hand once the sun sets over Sunset Boulevard.   i know about your past here in the City of Angels and i respect how you continue to stand under (understand, as you Taught me!) the LA Lifestyle even though you are back in your “heavenly mountain hamlet of Durango,” (which I’m happy about!)…anyway,  I cannot help but party hard during weekend nights here…it’s just so intoxicating; the drinks, the drugs, the outrageously beautiful women…you’ve been here as a WF Warrior,  you’ve lived these sweet, seductive nights…I’m a little afraid that I will fall into the Dark Side…I find myself going to Strip Clubs if I don’t pick up a babe at a nightclub…I’m spending more money than I make…

Oh Coach!  you’ve lived so many lives, including my own!  Please help me!

Stranding yet still Standing and Sweating in LA,


Coach Responds Immediately:

Most Precious WF Warrior Pete,
first,  relax.
it’s perfect that you are experiencing what you are experiencing.  the music of the So Cal winds making love with those palm fronds along Sherman Way as you drive toward the hub of LA nitelife on the freeway is truly a Blessing of an Incarnation…so ilg wants you to live the WF 4 Lifestyle Principles as you glide the ride to Hollywood and Vine; doing so will keep Thee intact to ilg and the WF Spiritual Lineage;  we’ll protect you and make sure you don’t go too far…however; enjoy, enjoy, enjoy…

by so doing, you’ll eventually come to a neutral, questioning place inside yourself on the cab drive home as you watch the dollars add up…you’ll eventually question the place inside your Higher Self as you place yet another dollar bill between the g-string and skin of that incredibly delicious stripper at the Kitty Cat Club on Reseda….i know, as you know ilg has;  i’ve been there.  when ilg lived in LA?  ilg had 6 figures in the bank account and a virtual harem of stunning fitness babes that ducked us all under all the Velvet Ropes in LA…it was…well…to any red blooded American Male?  Heaven.

we all must live out our karma,  and our samskara, and our vasana’s…there is no other way.  so go!  Live!  Spend!  Drink!  Drug!

until you spend, drink, and drug yourself either Clear or be Killed.

remember what ilg has been Teaching since 1982;  “There are no rights, no wrongs.  There are only (karmic) consequences to our choices.”

that, my young friend along the Noble Path of Sepulveda and the 101, is All…

Travel Well, Yogi…
Travel Well…

and Know…ilg is all-Ways here for Thee…

One Response to “Be Clear or Be Killed: what i recall most about my VIP Hollywood Partying Daze…”

  1. Monty Mason says:

    For Pete,
    from a know (no)thing WF junkie i say props to you my friend. you
    have already chosen the path as reflected in your contemplation and
    recognition of the intoxicating dead end street in front of you. as coach
    says, explore, play and as Supertramp sings, “Take the Long Way H(om)e”
    if it feels appropriate.

    we must first recognize and then feel be-fore we can act.

    Dance Brother,

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