We don’t if Krishna initiated the Warrior Arjuna with a Mantra before the Big K counseled Arjuna to “Look to your duty; do not tremble before it; nothing is better for a warrior than a battle of sacred duty…”… what we DO know is that your feeble coach has steadfastly counseled all of you in the use of Mantra for Cardio and of course, in HP PROP Workouts.  Today, Yogi B writes to me about just how the Mantra protected him from his ego during his recent run;

El Coache,

Started my hill repeats a little late yesterday.  By the time I went out, nature trail was sopping mud.  Normally, I don’t mind a little mud running , but it just wasn’t working for me.  Did my first repeat up Nature Trail and then descended and headed over to college drive to do some more repeats but not really feeling into it.  Half way through the first college hill repeat the mantra died, the ego crept in and I thought “I’m tired of this” and stopped running.  A big part of me wanted to quit right there and go back to the office.  However, I walked a ways, trotted some, walked some more and finally made it the top.

I turned around and headed down not knowing what I would do when I got to the bottom. A FLC student who started walking at the bottom when I did and took the shortcuts up topped out as I was starting to descend and said “impressive”.   I thought “not really” remembering my urge to quit and the walking.

Once I hit the bottom, I decided that I had to try at least one more.  This time I focused on my breath and the mantra and made it to the top without stopping or walking.  Feeling a little better I headed down and back to the office.

In the final analysis, I didn’t do as many repeats as I planned, but I didn’t quit when I wanted to either.  My training run probably didn’t do much for me physically, but mentally it may have been the best training day so far.  Sometimes I guess it is the small battles that matter most.



coach’s note:  remember, the word, Manta means; Mind Protecting…in Yogi B’s story above,  you see clearly how the Mantra protected his Higher Mind (Buddhi) from the vagaries of the ego (Ahamkara)

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4 Responses to “How Mantra-based Cardio Efforts WORK!”

  1. padma says:

    Brother bRad.
    today i put on the microspikes for an hour run up Elden road.
    i felt like i was dragging a piano. i stuck with the Mantra, one foot in front of the other.
    i saw no one except some guys in a pickup truck driving up to do maintenance on top of elden.
    they passed me again on their way down, me still Mantra-ing uphill at a bashfully slow pace.
    they stopped, rolled down the window, smiled, and said “you’re a STUD.”

    Om So Ti!

  2. coach says:

    Precious Padma,
    that should be: STUDETTE!

    and…you ARE!

  3. Sandra Lee says:

    Go Padma!! Go bRAD!!I must have just missed bRad.. i went up and saw how muddy it was but kept going with the snowshoes in hand… thinking I have to find snow. and I did at FLC football practice field and practice some level flight training… I see bRad running by my place all the time.

  4. coach says:

    the fact that you, “see bRad running by my place all time…” makes ilg smile, for i know he’ll be
    successful at the Turquoise Peak…

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