Rest Easy all Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon Teams and Pairs…cuz, this Feb. 16th on the 30th running of one of my 3 WF Sacred Sweat Pilgrimages?   ilg is returning for the first time since 2009 as a Soloist…of course,  ilg is planning to get as many of YOU to toe that Soloist Start Line with me, like Padma and bRad did last year, and how Fit Kit took Sacred Pilgrimage from Canada to do it in 2010…and how Yogi BB of Colorado’s Front Range is going to this year…i’m gonna take ALL WF.com Members along for not only my Pilgrimage but use my training of Yogi BB as well…this should be some world-class focused fun and lifetime pranic shifting!   pic:  ilg…in bivoauc, waiting patiently for my Pair teammate to win yet another of my several championships upon the Sacred Slopes of Tsidool….here is my first Instruction to Yogi BB as we begin our Preparation…

congrats on c(om)mitting to Tsidool….this simply HAD to be done at this point in your WF Journey…had to…so congrats for toeing the Start Line of your 2nd of the 3 Sacred Sweat WF Pilgrimages!   Hec,  knocking off Iron Horse Bicycle Classic is gonna be cakewalk, compared to IPR and Tsidool!    you gonna knock that baby off this spring?

Tsidool is all about Surrendering to the Mountain Spirits/Goddess’s which astrally dance the divine ethers about her lovely summit and the pine aprons which fall from it into the high desert below her airy heights.  To solo Mt. Taylor (Tsidool…ilg prefers to use the Tewa Native American name which means; Turquoise Mountain) it is best to arrive at her lower slopes with s(om)e knowledge of Her history and the quadrathlon which has now bec(om)e Her most ceremonial garment.

we’ll begin our Training at this point.

tell me,  Noble High Pranic Pilgrim…

•) what is your primary Intent for toeing the Start Line and crossing the Finish Line of this Pilgrimage?

•)  what do you know about Tsidool, the Sacred Peak up and down which you will play your fitness on Race Day?

•) what do you feel about this Pilgrimage?

•) what are you stoked about, when you visualize Race Day, on Feb. 16?

•) what are you most, errr, nervous? about, when you visualize Race Day, on Feb. 16?

•) of the 4 Sport Disciplines inherent to the Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon;  identify your weakest to strongest:

* road cycling

* mt. running

* rando skiing (free-heeled, skin up, ski down)

* snowshoeing

head bowed,


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