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That’s right,  BodyHealth®,  treasured makers of my precious, cherished… MAP AMINO ACIDS,  are offering a 25% discount through the end of December!    They are doing this to inspire you to visit their NEW WEBSITE and try their other great products.

I only have direct experience with three of their products and i stand behind each:

first and foremost,  my go-to, invaluable MAP Amino Acids
followed by BODYHEALTH COMPLETE multi-vitamin/mineral plus Liver Detox

several of my other students/athletes are on their other products such as Intestinal Cleanse, with great feedback.  i’d love to hear more from you!

i think i’ve got all my regular BodyHealth customers under my Affiliation,  however,  if your email has changed OR if you are a NEW BodyHealth customer eager
to try MAP, COMPLETE, and/or DETOX (or any other BODYHEALTH product),  please visit their main website;  BODYHEALTH.COM
and be sure to find me,

ilg, steve

on the pulldown menu when it asks for your Affiliate!   THANK YOU!   this ensures your 25% discount and sends a few shekels toward my humble Temple and Family!

THANK YOU and ENJOY the TREMENDOUS health and performance benefits from being on BODYHEALTH Products!

remember, ANYONE who signs up with BODYHEALTH with me as their Affiliate receives complimentary BODYHEALTH GUIDANCE direct from myself!

Onward, Upward, and Endlessly Inward:

take care of those Cells with the WF Nutritional Triad:
• SUNRIDER Whole Food Herbs (email me at: steve@wholisticfitness.com to join/find out more)
Sacred (ReDox Signaling) Water

head bowed,

coach ilg

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