ASEA: the Sacred Water of WF…studies document over 17% increase in Ventilatory Threshold (dopers using steriods/blood transfusions hope for only a 8% increase) and a whopping 500% increase in immunity relative to at least two of our three major anti-oxidants…Recovery is off the charts and my students on ASEA across the board report deeper, higher sleep quality, recovery, and enhanced suppleness of body and ease of stress while on ASEA!    give it 6 months and get back to me!

ASEA continues to prove and re-prove itself to me and my students…this fall, i finished in 2nd place at the

DWC Championships (which requires cycling in 4 different disciplines) and then hammered the local club rides

beating even visiting European pros in sprints after 70-miles of hard riding (remember, i’m 51 years-old!)

until the snows fell here in Durango.  in my first nordic ski race of the season,  i finished in 2nd place and today

set a Course Mark for a 7-mile+ uphill/downhill skate ski covering over 2,000 vertical feet in 1:17:55.   My recovery

and ability to hammer hard at high threshold intensities and SUSTAIN that intensity for hours has NEVER felt more

manageable!  I attribute my year-long, world-class fitness at my age across a variety of sports in large part to the ASEA Effect!

THANK YOU!    ASEA is a Blessings of a lifetime!”

head bowed,

spirit vowed,

coach steve ilg, cpt/uscf/ryt 500




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