Noble Sangha,
so, on my Facebook page today,  i posted this:

from my early morning meditation; considering the alternative to growing older?

aging bec(om)es as beautiful as the bejeweled, frosted arms reaching toward the sacred river…

pic by ilg, this morning, front yard. what’s NOT to love about -10 degree mornings?

Well, i immediately got 4 ‘Likes’ (thank you!)  then, i read the only posted ‘comments’ which had nothing to do with my posted topic of aging elegantly/gratefully, instead came drenched with Dualistic Conditioning…the comments were:

“I’ll take the 78 we had in Ft Lauderdale this am. then it went to 80 this afternoon. Don’t want to go back up to Newport & the cold/wet weather.”

“Yeah, but with the warmth, etc., you also got Ft. Lauderdale. I have been there, it ain’t a match for the west. Which Newport are we tailing about here?”

“I’m with Ed, 70 to start, then it got to 83 here…what’s not to love about living in FL year round!”

“We like southern FLorida & Ft Lauderdale is a good take-off point to go just about any where in FL. Mid Feb. We’ll head back home to Newport RI to start getting our boat ready to go in the water May 1.”

well,  having had enough of this, (it is MY Facebook page after all!)  ilg TAF’d it time to protect the Dharma and rush to the defense of cold…so i responded;

“…my precious warrior brothers! y’all do know what the very first Stage of the Bardo is – when that m(om)ent arrives when we can’t take another inhale? that’s right; Intense, Unimaginable Cold! that is precisely where most lose their Way, right at the beginning of our next Beginning…

you can only run away from intense cold for so long…embrace cold! we’ll need to when it matters most!”

4 Responses to “Bardo Training 101; ‘intense, unimaginable cold,’ better get at least familiar with it!”

  1. Brad Gantt says:


    It was 34 in my garage Iron Temple today. That’s unimaginable cold… for LA.


  2. Leferisen John says:

    this morning i was running at the base of the Flatirons
    microspikes crunching, core engaged…
    when all of a sudden i notice by pinkies beginning to freeze up/lock up
    gotta LOVE the freeze!

  3. padma says:

    colder = higher!
    keep climbing Sai Babaji,

  4. Sandra Lee says:


    are you kidding me?
    this afternoon i sat in the snow, cleaning my legs with a snowball and slowly moving it to my tummie and neck etc. in almost nothing.
    I love the icicles.. we could not have icicles if there was no cold
    I love frozen lakes and seeing Ducks walking on it
    I love the snow.. can you imagine how many snowflakes makes a huge pile of snow?
    I love the frozen snow on tree branches


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