Even Buddha died. His death was a teaching to shock the naive, the indolent, and the complacent, to wake us up to the truth that everything is impermanent and death an inescapable fact of life. As he was approaching death, Buddha said: Of all footprints That of the elephant is supreme. Of all mindfulness […]

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 pic:  several weeks ago…feeble yogi ilg enjoying a skiers winter life in our precious, heavenly hamlet beneath  the sacred peak of Dibé Nitsaa with my live-in Rinpoche; Dewachen Ilg (8).  tis a great Medicine Blessing to have nearly died 3x in this one lifetime for rare is the moment – let alone a day – […]

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Noble Sangha;
doesn’t it just seem like we spend our whole lives dancing?!

we dance in our mothers’ precious w(om)b…
we dance upon the floor until we walk…
we dance through toddlerhood…
then the big one; the Dance of Puberty
before bec(om)ing who we choose to ultimately bec(om)e…
which in itself is yet?
just another Dance.
The Dance Is All There Is…

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…as i grow older the wide open spaces of the Four Corners opens my heartspace in yin ways where for so long, my younger years were filleted wide open by the High, Rocky Peaks…these years, it’s a turbulence of love for It All…

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Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 9.00.47 PM

As i drilled the descent through the Stadium for Lap Two, Clay had 20 seconds on me…by the end? Well, i ‘thought i had time,” to make up the snow-covered real estate on Lap 2 to bridge up to him and challenge him for a sprint finish yet that turned out to be fantasy against such a veteran champion like Clay.

Same thing in spiritual training; we THINK we have more years ahead of us to meditate, to begin to formulate and fortify the filaments of consciousness which propel us into our next incarnation ‘when we have more time,” yet? that is a fallacy. there is no more time coming…we could each die tomorrow and the volume and intensity of our Meditation Efforts accumulated into the one mOMent of our passing into The Next is precisely what sets the astral stage for our Bardo Race toward Enlightenment….

you ready?


to Go?!??!

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It has often intrigued me how some Buddhist masters I know ask one simple question of people who approach them for teaching: “Do you believe in a life after this one?”

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so, basically, ilg rescued the Snake Being (who soon became, Strikey Snakey Ilg) and put him/her into a box whereupon, arriving home, Dewa promptly lost him as she let Strikey out onto our backyard whereupon ilg rests assured Strikey is now our official Gardner Snake Garden Protector of our garden residing happily beneath our wood pile…

Snake Medicine is the medicine of, as my treasured Native American students will re-mind ilg, Transmutation, and that Snake teaches us to

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Twas the day before Easter…and all through the ilg casa…

some of the creatures were stirring…
…others were not…

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