it ain’t no real night to feeble ilg unless it’s a SNOW NIGHT! and..tonight, my precious friends? here at 6,512′ in the Bubble known as Durango Colorado? yup….
it’s a SNOW NIGHT! oooooh!!!! the most precious, pressing question upon which ilg should fall asleep tonight? what degree, what style of fresh POW fun do i have time to in-Joy tomorrow!?!??!??!
and you?
ilg would LOVE to know what YOUR PRESENT intuitive hits are
when it comes to the cold and snow…
you DO realize, that the very FIRST Stage of the Bardo Entry?
yup;   “Intense Cold”
if you’ve not yet gained the Appreciation by direct, repeated experience of deep, penetrating cold and know how to relax into it?
hate to tell you…yet you will react so negatively to the first wave of intense cold when you cannot take another inhale,
that the chances are quite likely that you will not re-incarnate as a human…yet something lower…
feeble ilg
has attempted for 4 decades nearly…
practice endlessly to release into the pain of cold and discomfort…
for it will mean EVERYTHING
when the Divine Lights Shine upon your Atman
once again…
in this?
feeble ilg don’t  know much…that much is obvious…
yet this much?
ilg knows…
head bowed and may your Practice CRANK!
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  1. Brad Gantt says:


    I embrace the fact that my garage gym is not climate-controlled. This morning it was 36 degrees inside (hey, that’s cold for LA).


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