last night; 3:14am Brother Bear dances into my chicken coop, rips off the roost door and consumes our precious “Hanu” (as in Hanuman) before i run naked into the cold night, wielding a flashlight and barking like a mad dog possessed to drive the bruin back into the night…tonight?  our remaining three Chicken Beings;  Ram (pictured here), Sita, and Tara are too scared (understandably) to got back to the coop…i have them styled in the garage;  kinda like the Chicken Being equivalent to the Bellagio for us Human Beings…Om Mani Padme Hung to Hanu…my Fam shall miss you…Blessed be your Travel through the Bardo…ilg shall stay faithful in my Bardo Realm Meditations and Prayers while we eagerly await Signs of your next incarnation…Om Mani Padme Hung…

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  1. padma says:

    Om Mani Padme Hung! Blessed Travels belOved Hanu!

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