small turn out for tonight’s HP PROP WORKOUT, so i pressed the throttle even more! ooooph!…did we ever EARN OUR BIRD for tomorrow! a full throttle 40 minutes of Core before diving deep into the pranic ocean with the one and only ilg-array of wholistic weaponry launched! others will be complained of their stretched stomachs tomorrow while we will be feeling our lean tight core! BIG TIME kudos to first time student, Rachel from Salt Lake City who lit it UP in the Warrior Cave tonight! her c(om)meant to her husband after class, “Holy *&%$, that class is no joke!” she’s right. HP Yoga® is not a joke; it’s a yoke (yoga) unlike any other; straight from the Highest Lineage…don’t let the Holidays drag down your Sadhana…let it fuel you HIGHER!

Blessed be your (w)holiday…

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