yesterday, bringing the wholistic fitness yoga to where it’s needed most…not some fancy tropical retreat for white people with money; rather on the Rez for the kids…come on…let’s do the real work of yoga together for the native kids of Turtle Island…Warriors UP!
need to lose fat? gain core strength? want a fantastic wholistic workout while creating s(om)ething priceless for native kids on the Rez? come on, we need you! Trailwork Saturdays are ON from 9-12noon! Durango has hundreds of trails…Beclabito doesn’t even have one! Let’s give these kids a chance!

Can’t make it to the Navajo Reservation on Saturdays?

ilg understands….however YOU can still support our cause just like WF Master Students “Fit” Kit Johaneson and Blair “KonRyu” Lyon have done by donating your sweat through the spiritual currency known as money RIGHT HERE!

Please!  Let’s DO this thing for the Kids upon whose land we live, dream, and make our own families and conduct our spiritual work!

Give Back now!

head bowed in Service,

your feeble teacher

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