Buddhist Monks in Durango…sweeping away their several-day, deeply meditated upon Sand Painting before destroying it in a matter of m(om)ents to drill h(om)e their essential doctrine of Impermanence and Non-Attachment…pic by ilg  

Noble Sangha,

feeble ilg feels obliged to respond generally given the accelerating amount of your messages/questions/concerns on ‘what-to-do’, to me regarding “the situation in Nepal.”

yes, feeble ilg is a Lineage Transmitter from the Him-alaya. yes, most of my formative and continuing Studies were/are done at the Blessed Feet of Buddhist Monks and Masters then applied to extreme sports such as free-soloing rock and ice climbs to test my grasp of Impermanence. the ‘situation,’ near Kathmandu feels to feeble ilg almost like a Buddhist self-fulfilling prophecy; so much focus over such a long time – centuries – by soooo many spiritual warriors on the concept of Impermanence (an essential doctrine of existence in Buddhism) has GOT to produce a High Teaching for themselves and the masses, if the prayers are strong.

The earthquakes (which the Hindi’s would recognize as Shiva Dancing) expresses the Buddhist notion that all of conditioned existence, without exception, is transient, or in a constant state of flux…that everything we build – be it family, finances, temples, et. al – can all be wiped out in a m(om)ent; so we should prepare for it.

Now, since ilg is not on ground zero and can’t tell what the spiritual treatment for Shiva’s Dancing is bringing out in those Noble Warriors and Warrioress’s? ilg is just Trusting that there is a WHOLE lot of Black Karma being exhausted in the suffering and that the Teachings of Impermanence are Recognized and forwarded through the media…which? until this post by feeble ilg? ilg has yet to see…sadly…

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    May all beings be happy, healthy and free!

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