This existence of ours is as transient as autumn clouds
To watch the birth and death of beings is like looking at the movements of a dance.
A lifetime is like a flash of lightning in the sky,
Rushing by, like a torrent down a steep mountain.
Noble Sangha;
doesn’t it just seem like we spend our whole lives dancing?!
we dance in our mothers’ precious w(om)b…
we dance upon the floor until we walk…
we dance through toddlerhood…
then the big one; the Dance of Puberty
before bec(om)ing who we choose to ultimately bec(om)e…
which in itself is yet?
just another Dance.
The Dance Is All There Is.
Alan Watts authored a book to that title…read it.  
Yogi’s know life as, Lila:  The Dance
when your feeble teacher of nothing was a rock climber,  i used to take Ballet from Joyce Rossiter who still cranks the Chi near me in nearby Crested Butte.   i also took Modern Dance from Kim Robards during that era;  i chose to train in Dance so i could refine my rock climbing Dance.
at nearly 8,  the Daughter Who Chose To C(om)e Through Joy and feeble ilg loves, loves, loves to Dance.
doesn’t matter if  it’s in a structured Dance Class or naked before my bed with a ceiling fan fanning the summer heat;   just breathing, moving to outer or inner music;   oh, and often?  the line between Dewa’s Dancing and Gymnastics?  extremely blurred…yet?  whose judging?   the smile upon her Swirling Dervish face is proof enough of the Medicine Dance.
Boulder, Co;  1980’s.    i roar my Yamaha Virago up to the Boulder Express;  a late night dance club which is my nocturnal hangout after piling up First Ascents and/or running 18 miles upon the Front Range mountain trails.  a couple of Long Island Iced Tea’s later and a lycra-enveloped ilg is getting my groove on upon the Dance Floor with so many friends from that era Dancing around me.  We are sweating.  We can’t feel our faces.  Barely our feet.  Yet we just keep Dancing…Shelia A. leaps upon and dances across the glass-holder shelf behind which recovering Dancers and/or wannabe Dancers look at her sexy legs glide by until Club Security calls her down.  Later, after the Club closes, Sheila and i have a m(om)ent on the roof of the Club beneath a dazzle of stars which amplifies the spectacle of our love-making seemingly minutes before yet another Blessed Day arises and i find myself Dancing up Eldorado sandstone spires…
Just Keep Dancing, Noble Ones…
no matter how hard,
how dim the Light ahead…
Just Keep Dancing…
i’m gonna.
i’m gonna keep Dancing my Weaknesses until my samskara froths at its karmic mouth, exasperated in this precious lifetime, allowing my Soul, my Atma…one Dance Step Higher.
Come,  keep Dancing Wholeness with me;  do your Wholistic Fitness® training…
and if you need Direction?
Dancing ilg is Here Now as all-Ways for you…

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