A Halloween (s)Care….

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One Halloween night beneath the Sacred Peak of Dibé Nitsaa…where my childhood canyon of Junction Creek spills into the Sacred Animas…yet, there are ghouls around, ghosts abound…



“Don’t you worry about a thang, my Precious Daughter,”  i consoled to Dewa during a recent autumn “I-don’t-know-if-i-can-do-this,” moment…  “Daddy will All-Ways be Here Now for you as long as possible, okay?  i Love You, Baby Girl…i think you are AMAZING!”



Round about the haunted 3rd Avenue homes 3 sacred friends go;
i a ninja scary clown, Joy and Dewa both Halloween cats…MEOWWWW!
Slithering under welcoming cold skies,
The night sings and chanst in wicked charm…

A horse, whose black hide painted dead bone white
trots along the massive, costumed crowd…
Ear of salamander, and toe of moccasin maker,
A head from a lost baby, a twisted wing of a bat,
Dewa and her Friend
giggle and jog into this charming, starlit facade of fear, death, decay, and come what may…
Smelly glands of adolescents,
the strains and fleshings of a stoned and/or drunken few
Durango is tonight a boiling pot,
and gurgles out of the stamp of summer sloth.

I love Halloween, the masks, the intended gore, the intensity of falling into winter, and the scaring of people… hahaha…


feeble ilg

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