pic:  Sidewalk chalk art courtesy of Dewachen Cathering Ilg (8).


“…Father,  into Your hands i commit my spirit…”

as best we can tell?

those were the last words of perhaps the most brave peaceful warrior yogi of all time;  Jesus Christ…  you see,  in First Century conscious parenting,  the mother would gift a breath-based Personal Prayer – not unlike a Mantra – to their chi-ld.   the chi-ild would memorize the Prayer and rely upon it during their lifetime of struggles, which in First Century living was pretty much ALL the time, and in MahaYogi Jesus’s case?   well, the bar of yogic agenda has never been set Higher for a yogi….even Buddha had a waaaaay easier agenda than Yogi Jesus.

Mary – MahaYogi Jesus’s mother – gifted that Prayer to her young chi-ld.

three decades later,  as a tortured, bleeding, dehydrated, berserk yogi – Mary’s son – was viciously nailed (most criminals were ‘merely’ tied via hemp rope to their rosy crucifixion)  sputtered His last few words, probably looking at his loving, anguished beyond belief M(0m) kneeling at his cross,  He managed,
“…Father,  into Your hands i commit my spirit…”

the rest?  is His-story…

feeble ilg,  grew up as an Altar Boy.   served mass at LEAST 5 days per week.   wanted to be a Priest when i grew up.  used to orchestrate my own Services using a shoe box as an altar, birthday candles as Service Candles, and raisins as hosts.

MahaYogi Jesus was and reMains ilg’s most stalwart Yogi Hero,  even after decades of Buddha-influenced immersions and to this day, techniques, and visualizations for the after life from this one.

“…Father,  into Your hands i commit my spirit…”

write it down.

walk with it.

pray it.

use it.    no matter how Difficult the challenge is for you:  Relationships,  Money stuff, Job stuff, whatever…just breathe into Mary-The-Mother-Of-MahaYogi-Jesus Prayer:

“…Father,  into Your hands i c(om)mit my spirit…”

then?  c(om)e back here…tell ilg what you’ve felt from this Wholistic Fitness® assignment…

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