THANK YOU MOST PRECIOUS Dr. David MinkoffChris Alexander, and the rest of the Bodyhealth staff for following through on my repeated suggestions for a powdered alternative to the Perfect Amino pills!!! Now my 8 year-old daughter and my 86 year-old m(om) can reap the myriad regenerative effects from being in a positive nitrogen balance which i’ve espoused for everyone since 1981! feeble ilg don’t look like 54 in this pic, do I? Well, 300+ podiums, 7 world championships across 5 different sports does not lie! Get on & stay on Perfect Amino XP…2 scoops into your H2O bottle 2x daily and thou art on Jet Fuel toward Enlightened Performance! To receive my free guidance abd coach ilg discount, visit www.WholisticFitness.com
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can you say, 99.9% uptake?   that’s right…an egg protein is like uh, 8%…steak, beans, etc?  measly 3%.

Wholistic Fitnes® NEVER wastes YOUR precious time or money.  just read my books or take my yoga classes or bec(om)e an Online Student…

#1 PRIORITY during this precious Human Incarnation?   is Pranic (Life Force) Sustainability.   that’s right,  Pranic (Life Force) Sustainability… and for our 17 TRILLION CELLS to receive and respond to accurate nutrition?  they’ve got to be fundamentally nourished by a positive nitrogen balance which means all amino acids must be present and accounted for before you even HOPE to gain a training effect from your training efforts!

Protein Synthesis matters.   And ilg is PROUD to be an ongoing developer of PERFECT AMINO XP POWDER with the Masters at BODYHEALTH!   99.9% uptake is more than TWICE the Amino Acid Utilization of ALL other dietary protein sources!!!

questions?   that’s why ilg is here.

i’ve helped BODYHEALTH field test this product for over two years… get this into your daily water bottles and then,  you TELL ME!!  how much your performance has increased,  YOU TELL ME how better your sleep quality.  YOU TELL ME how much your mental focus has improved.  YOU TELL ME how quickly you are recovering from workouts.  YOU TELL ME how much more supple are your muscles and joints… et. al…


c’mon…just try to tell me you DON’T deserve a 6-month experience of PERFECT AMINO XP POWDER!  ORDER TODAY at www.WholisticFitness.com and tell ’em,  COACH ILG SENT ME!

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