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Whenever you see Ravens gathered together?  It is a Blessing…a MAGICAL BLESSING, actually!   Raven Medicine means that Magic IS NEARBY!!!  Are you Clear Enough To Receive It!?!?!


Raven, Raven!
Black as pitch,
mystical as the moon…
Speak to me of Magic…
and i will fly with you soon!

i share this pic i took with you to celebrate the unmatched Raven Presence which inevitably visits my h(om)etown during this most – magical and sometimes spooky in her potency – month. October is also the start of the Navajo New Year, a time of Cleansing, Rebirth, and, yup…Raven Medicine; MAGIC! What magic have YOU been alert to feel, sense, and/or see in YOUR Sadhana, YOUR Awareness?

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