Bear Claw Artistry

Published on Oct 16, 2016 by in Animal Medicine, Teachings


This M(om)ent: Bear Claw Artistry…feeble ilg sees a lot of Bear Claw markings in my beloved h(om)eland…2 of my favs monument my Snowshoe Race Course at the Durango Nordic Center. I took these this afternoon during Trailwork….


i’ve been in love with this Bear Claw tagged Aspen since i was kid…sadly, i’ve seen the encroachment of a sewer treatment plant for the absurd Durango Mountain Resort Homeowners as well as a freakin’ gravel pit excavation come to within several meters of this precious Tree Being…worse? the same Durango Mountain Resort Homeowners want to build a LUXURY RV Site within spittin’ distance of this pic right ON our historic nordic trails!! grrrrrrrrr….


ilg feels such powerful, svelte brush strokes to this Bear Claw tag…waaaaay more beautiful to feeble ilg than any human artistry (except that, of course, belonging to my daughter)!

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