My name is Matt McFall. I am a recent graduate of SUNY Brockport with a B.S. In kinesiology. That is a step along a path which likely began in the early nineties. During that time I was racing alpine events throughout the country in the Masters series. Some things began to come into my observations of myself and I followed the path, not really understanding it as such. I certainly had no real idea that what has transpired since and what I began to discover then, were really anything more than my following my passions in athletic pursuits for me.
      At this point I am embarking on the next step along the path and I know now and have known for several years what that is. I am certainly enjoying the growth of this passion which truly began in childhood and was reignited in me in those years in the nineties.
      Your book, “The Winter Athlete”, was significant fuel for the fire. Thank you. My pursuit now is based on the fundamentals found in its pages. I am revisiting it now with new understanding.
      I will be starting a venture in Lake Placid NY this winter that will be based on these and similar principals. The training mode will have as a centerpiece an isokinetic training platform that is largely dependent on a mindful intent on the part of the athlete for optimum results and specific CNS adaptations. It is pertinent in every sport at the very least.
    Your perspective and wisdom of experience will continue to be a resource for me as I move forward. Once again, a heart felt thank you.
All the best,
Matt McFall


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