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feeble ilg don’t trust many for bodywork, yet?  
after a long time of getting to know this precious yoga student of mine and fellow bodyworker?  ilg trusts Charlotte Lenssen; both personally and professionally…today’s STUDENT QUOTE OF THE WEEK c(om)es fr(om) her…

Dearest coach,

During this week of recovery I have been reflecting back on when I started my program with you and also reading your book ‘ total body transformation’.

Your words are consistent with your coaching. I remember me telling you I was never coming back after my first yoga class with you and laughing at how hard it was and how far my body and mind still had to go. I remember your expression…ha she will be back kinda look

Everything you have said is happening. In the beginning I had so much pain in my body and refused to give up despite my ego trying to talk me out it. Many nights hardly sleeping because of aches and pains. Somewhere along the line my body shifted. I feel 100 better. I’m calmer, more resilient, more determined. No matter how crazy your assignments are, I trust your program. It’s not for the faint of heart and absolutely so rewarding.

I don’t look forward to the day you say I’ve graduated from you as a coach, you’ll always be my coach. Your wholistic fitness program is truly transformational. There is no quick fix pill. We all have to do the work. I can see, feel and really understand that now.

I’m ready for whatever you bring on next :) I’m trying to remember the three pilgrimages: IHR, Ouray run and ?

Your sincerely, Lovingly and respectfully,


* coach’s note:  since working with me, Student Char has lost 20lbs, experienced 3 new sports, and has made huge breakthroughs in her chronic pain, yoga postures, and sense of what FITNESS really means.  super yogically proud of this special being who?  is nearly deaf and?  NEVER makes ANY excuses or productions about it.   gotta love this Warrioress!  

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