Student Quote of the Week goes to Precious Student Natalie;
“Coach? I just need to say, this was the last class I’ll ever get to take from you, and just need you to know? You are the ONLY Yoga Teacher that has ever inspired me to keep coming to yoga! {tears welling fr(om) both of us}, thank YOU for EVERYTHING you’ve Taught me! You are the best thing that EVER came into my life!” {insert deep magnitude embrace and cheek kisses before a final Namaste} #yogainspiration#ilgshighperformanceyoga #ilgswholisticfitness#sanjuanbasinpublichealth #justdoingme#awedatitall #bodyhealthoptimized_athlete#tailwindnutrition #cryomedspadurango
— in Durango, Colorado.

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