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Honored to introduce (or, re-introduce) to ALL of my Mighty Limb’d,  Mighty Mind’d Warrior/ess’s;   ilgs “new” UpaGuru;  Marjorie Catherine Ilg (89) – aka;  my mom – under wh(om) your feeble teacher of no-thing will be taking study of ilg’s Highest Yoga yet;  Caretaking.

Over recents months,  UpaGuruji ‘Margie’ experienced her 2nd stroke (She is also a cancer surThrivor)  just before us kids of Hers moved Her back here to Durango from a Senior Care Facility in Albuquerque.   Under incredible Divine Alignment,  the Deities arranged It so that ilg’s M(om) is now living directly beneath ilg.

Due to ilg’s newest yoga of Caretaking for M(om),  no more General Public Yoga or Fitness Classes will be offered until further notice.

ilg will be continuing to Teach ilg’s Corporate and City yoga classes and select Private Yoga/Fitness/Bodywork sessions.   There is a Waiting List for my Private work;  if interested?  please email:  Steve@WholisticFitness.com     First Come, First Served.

Weekly Yoga Missives shall continue and will provide exceptional, world-acclaimed options to keep your Practice strong until General Public Teaching can c(om)mence Again.

Kinda goes without saying how DEEPLY ilg will miss our precious CAVE Sesh’s yet,  ilg has been training you all for this m(om)ent each time we recite with hands folded at heart and toes folded under before each HP® YOGA PROP Workout:

“May all live in Equanimity
without too much Attachment 
or too much Aversion…”

So time has arrived for us to practice Non-Attachment (‘Aparigraha’ in yogic philosophy) …

Y’all must Practice Aparigraha to continue your HP® Yoga without the physical ilg,
and ilg must Practice Aparigraha to continue ilg’s own Practice without being in-spired each Monday by YOU!

Please take a m(om)ent to deepen your Breath Awareness and adjust your spine toward more elegance….

Now,   there is movement in process that may see us have our OWN Cave in downtown Durango in the not too distant future.  Just Sayin’.  There are a couple of Devotee’s that want to make that happen.  Let ilg know if you are willing to be a part of that Dreamspeak made manifest.

ilg would like to take this m(om)ent to thank Ann Camp at Durango Parks and Rec to allow ilg the many liberties it took to keep ilg Teaching in our carpeted Cave at the Rec Center.   ilg also thanks HP® Yoga Assistant Caroline “Kavík” Eastburn for all-Ways showing up before our Sesh’s to make sure our Cave was ready.

Reckon most of y’all are already tapped into ilg’s vibrant, inspiring Social Media scene.  If not, just make sure you have “Liked”  Steve Ilg on Facebook and/or Follow via Instagram,  Steve Ilg.    There’s a WHOLE LOT of ilg’s world-reknown “Wholistic Fitness®”  fluid Dharma happening each day through those vehicles.   At least?   Check your Email and/or visit this Website page to stay Connected with the utterly unique and pioneering Wholistic Fitness® vibe since 1981.

See you in the funny papers…

Blessed be thy Sacred Sweat and Spirit,


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