That Wonderful, Long Lasting Ilg Inspiration…

The Cover That Launched 10,000 Meditations. May 1992: After nearly breaking the legs and rupturing the lungs of the then Chicago-based OUTSIDE Magazine editorial staff on a guided “hike” up Lake Peak above Santa Fe, Coach’s fitness so inspired the OUTSIDE staff that they assigned a writer to do a story on him. The story assigned was to be one page. Turned out that the feature on Coach was one of the magazines longest and became one of the most popular in the magazine’s history. Through his skillful pen, writer Don Katz, inspired millions of outdoor athletes as he recorded the multidimensional training effect from his 3-Day Private Intensive with Coach in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Coach turned down 90% of the Seekers that Knocked upon his humble Temple Doors and several big ticket corporate offers after that article was published. Today, many of Coach’s Online Students are still enjoying the WF Training that was first inspired by this article. Ain’t it about time OUTSIDE Magazine do a follow up piece on Coach? Think people would be surprised that 15 years later Coach, at age 44, is still winning overall victories in several sports and inspiring all type of athletes to do such ‘funny things’ as meditation and yoga and inspiring studio yogis to do such ‘non yoga’ things like strength training, running up mountains, and competing in extreme, outdoor sports?

Probably not.

Below, an old fan of Coach’s finally subscribes to DL and tells us why.

We already know why, however!

She is smart!

Coach doesn’t know it yet but he has been a wonderful influence on my training since…92?… whenever that Outside article led me to buy his first book, “The Outdoor Athlete”. Then his other books followed, and of course I found the website. There’ve been ups and downs, with career, family, etc., but the inspiration, and the approach to overall fitness that meshed so finely with my own thinking, have carried through and I’m back on my ‘path’. I look forward to wonderful DL subscription.


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