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ilgVlog84: Skimo and…the Mechanics of Meditation!

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round it off to 20-minutes: Gotta say?  Perhaps ilg’s best Vlog EVER!!! Why?  Cuz?  This Vlog epitomizes the wholistic diversity of ilg’s lifework… Juxtaposes SkiMo with Mechanics of Meditation!?    Enjoy inspiring and igniting YOUR personal fitness efforts via Wholistic Fitness® courtesy of Steve Ilg’s YouTube Channel!  We’ll have Focused Fun along the high, steep, narrow, arduous Path Toward Awakening since 1981!



POW:  short for POWDER!   As in?   That most magical, precious element of nature known as SNOW!   The Inuit (indigenous people of the Arctic Circle) have over 250 words to describe the variances of Their (and Our) most precious of all natural elements; SNOW!   Meanwhile?  We White People have only one word to cover the feelings of intense, unexplainable affection and attraction toward another;  Love.   Good luck on that.

As we move into a hopefully snow-drenched Winter,  just need to say s(om)ething.

Over the past several years and since SatGurujiCorona has been ATTEMPTING to TEACH US?

There’s been an unprecedented influx of folk invading ilg’s once-humble h(om)eland.

These folk arrive fr(om) warm weather places; California, Texas, Arizona…

These newcomers don’t like to be discomforted by the Sacred Cold.

Their collective addiction to comfort?  Their collective minds toward ‘hating’ cold and snow?

Hate to tell y’all?

Yeah,  that’s a huge part of our current prolonged severe drought.

These new comers want their golf courses and boating and sun and showers…

Yet? don’t stand-under the wholistic importance of cherishing our Sacred Snows and Cold that empower ALL of their precious comforts.

that is all,



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