Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 6.22.03 PMpic: L-R by Wholistic Fitness® Master Student Kavík of my  Under 18 Dream Team for this Saturday’s McDonald’s Winter Triathlon;  Team ZuberIlg.   Spoiler Alert; they won by a landslide….err, avalanche?  
in less than 2-hours and within 3 days before the race,  i pulled together my Dream Team, “Team ZuberIlg*” which produced an uncontested Win at Saturday’s McDonald’s Winter Triathlon (-18 Category); Lauren Aggeler (16, State Runner Up MTB Champion) was our Fat Tire Racer racing my own “Mr. Dimples 4.5” Trek and smashed the 6k Course in 21:03! Bryn Aggeler, Lauren’s younger sister at 14 (2020 3rd Place State XC Running) demolished the 2k on my own Winter Warrior Snowshoe Course in a jaw-dropping 9:31 which happens to include nearly 200′ of vert at 8,713′! Dewa Ilg (13, coming off a wire-to-wire Win at Pagosa Nordic Biathlon 4k) set the pace for the Team at a speed so fast only one Adult beat her; 12:53!
Quotes from the Racers:
Bryn: “It was amazing to get to be on a Team with two best friends and I really enjoyed the whole experience because it’s so hard and it really shows you what you are capable of!”   
Lauren:  “I was fortunate enough to join Bryn and Dewa’s team for this winter triathlon!  This was a great opener for the season and felt like a UCI short track race.  It couldn’t have been a nicer day and the high altitude training was a bonus!  My legs felt great and I hope to do another race with the Dream Team soon!” 
Dewa:  “When You were racing for yourself, you win for yourself, or you lost for yourself.  But when you’re racing for a Team?  They’re all depending on you, and so that will empower you to do your best for your Team.” 
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*Lauren’s and Bryn’s dad, one of my childhood friends, created and owns ZuberFizz Natural Sodas…ilg thought it a clever Team name?

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