ilgVlog132; SkiMo into Regional XC Win!

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ilgVlog132; SkiMo into Regional XC Win!

12:37 minutes. 

Challenge:  Find a YouTube Channel that has and continues to deliver any higher, any more diversified and beautifully inspiring wholistic content than Steve Ilg YouTube Channel!   Look forward to seeing your submissions and learning from them! 

ilg just a Beginners on YouTube’ing (is that a word?) yet really enjoy the process of living my Practice of Wholistic Fitness® and bringing images of it to you all…LOVE how you respond to it!   Thank YOU for watching, enjoying, benefitting, and supporting!

This week’s Vlog is yet another absolutely stunningly beautiful Vlog that dips and sways between Wholistic Fitness® lifestyle and yet another CRUSH from Dewa as She did what it took to make it to Varsity XC Regionals on the strongest XC Team in our

League and?  Well?  It’s worth watching what happens! 

Check it out;  Share the entire ilgVlog library with your family!   It’s a solid spot of weekly Wholeness in a world wreaked by off-centered weirdness!

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Each weekly Vlog will leave you with a deeper understand of Wholistic Fitness®, a smile on your face, a new wonder in your heart, and a proven arrow in YOUR spiritual quiver as you aim and shoot ever HIGHER in this precious incarnation! Blessed Be Thy Sacred Sweat! Get out and DO so as….to BE!


head bowed, spirit vowed,

coach steve ilg

founder/creator of Wholistic Fitness® and High Performance Yoga®


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