rinpo on train

pic:  Dewachen Ilg…
on the Durango Train…many moons ago


Most Noble Local Newspaper,

Thank you for doing what you do for our community beneath the sacred peak of DibéNitsáá.  Can’t be easy for y’all. Head bowed.
Times, they are a changin’…Dylan dialed that in long before all this Kali Yuga/pandemic stuff hit us and our kids.  Feeble ilg doesn’t like to take quill to paper
too often any more..errrrr, tapping computer keypad keys to a screen.  Prefer quietly building local trails for my Daughter’s daughters to ride, run, and sacredly sweat upon…
and to continue to refine my caregiver dance for my nearly 93 year-old mom and 14 year-young daughter…both of whom i still help keep in my native h(om)etown against the
onslaught of deep pocketed newcomers driving up not only the pace but the price of living for us old-timers still Here Now.
Yet, when the drama of ilg’s h(om)etown continues to bisect its dharma as ilg knows it since growing up here?
The Train.  Ok.  Grew up with that train’s bell clanking.  Yeah, it was a BELL.  Not a whistle.  Not a horn.  Certainly not a diesel horn.
The Train did NOT “create” Durango.
ilg’s partner is full blood Navajo.  “Durango” existed EONS before the Wåçhite Man brought his “Iron Horse” to our confluence of
three rivers, each of which sacred to the Natives.   Please?  Quit saying that the Train “created” Durango.   Not so fun fact; the oldest, best preserved mummified
Remains of a North American human being were found just one drainage east of where I grew up.  Google “Ester”… She cavorted among the same white sandstone monuments
that I did, though 10,000 years earlier and long before “Durango” was even imagined.
The now obnoxious horn/blare/alarm of “our sweet train”?  It ain’t the old bell-clanging of ilg’s childhood remembrance.  It’s cauphony of Kali Yuga.
It’s time for a change.  Weird ain’t it?  How we lost track of how our sweet little train caused a “wildfire” that charred and forever changed the landscape of my native
land.  Wildfires?  They are caused by lightning, not sparks from a human made train.  Nothing “wild” about a train.  To this day?  Our charming little train has not owned up their accountability.
Times, they are a changin’…Turn the rails into a eco friendly trail!    Silence forever the Train that did not ever ‘create’ Durango and continues to pollute inwardly and outwardly our h(om)etown beneath
steve ilg

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