“Don’t Accept The Pain, Accept The Pran.”
– coach ilg

“Running blocks ankle chi.
Strength training blocks wrist chi.
However; without Running & Strength Training = NO Chi!”
– coach ilg

Coming up soon ONLY on DL;
my exclusive mini-sequence called, “The Rockin’ Moroccan” that destroys ignorance and brittleness within the pivotal ankles,feet, wrists, and finger joints. Nowhere are the intersections of our Consciousness more intense that at these Energy Vents. Those of you who have ever done grappling (or worse, have been taken out by a grappler) know precisely how quickly a grappler can dismantle ANY fighter! Well, without knowing and practicing an effective asana for opening and freeing and inviting suppleness and chi restoration to this Energy Vents, our bodies and minds quickly what in yoga is known as ‘tamasic’…the cellular and vibrational lethargy that leads to tension and stress. Without opening and keeping open these Vents, runners sprain ankles and get horribly stiff. Without opening and keeping open these Vents, gym people are prone to shoulder impingements, lower back strain, and becoming ‘muscle bound.’

you ready to Learn Again, Grasshopper?


then sit close to “Svadhyaya Central”…otherwise known as DIRECT LINES!

May your Practice lead you to purify your Pain,

the mountain yogi

photo: here, i venture deep into the Pain in the top of my right foot and attempt to replace the Pain with Prana. this is the whole key of asana.

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