Getting ready for my pre-Race (http://navajoyes.org/2017/09/18/2017-chuska-challenge/), 3-minute full body immersion into a -220 degree nitrogen vapor bath at CryoMedSpa! NOTHING fires up our entire 5-Elements* like weekly Chill Sessions! All the pros are doing it, why not You?! Fact: Ilg will be speaking on the myriad benefits of Cryotherapy especially as it relates to […]

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  above pic; Dewa Ilg experiencing one of her daddy’s most sacred trail runs; Tsankawi at White Rock, NM.  Broken bones never slow down a genuine Warrior/ess…bones are our most dense spiritual matter. big karma involved which means; BIG OPPORTUNITY TO RISE HIGHER IN OUR SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION!!! *** Bones represent our most highly concentrated densities […]

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pic: my toes graced by Frozen YogaToes® today after my ‘sweltering’ mountain bike ride in 75-degree heat   Noble Sangha, gotta hand this foot trick to Sandra Lee who TOTALLY turned me onto this treat-ment!  used it again today after my MTB ride in the first SWELTERING HOT spring day here at 6,512′;  it was […]

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Flu Guru

Published on Oct 26, 2015 by in Healing, illness


face first fetal on sweat-soaked linens…i writhe about, tortured and contained on my bed like a Trout Worm impaled on a rusty, barbed hook.

there are Aliens inside; crawling, crimping, marching, pinching every morsel of my anatomy each equipped – apparently – with some sort of hybrid torque/dehydration wrench. their command center must be my brain for it is swollen in pain as if it’s been replaced by a beehive.

every one of my 17 trillion cells bought, transformed, and flipped into a manufacturing plant of pain…

somebody, anybody; just take this cup frometh me….

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Student PG on Perfect Amino;  lost 13lbs, endurance up, soreness gone

Since upping my dose to 5-7 per day my weight has reduced, my endurance increased, and most importantly the soreness has left my body! I am within 7 pounds of my playing weight and should be there by the end of the year. Many thanks to you and the Dr. for your always sage advice….head bowed, PG

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“If you want to win the Human Race? you gotta stay focused on Enlightenment. You’ve been graced this Human Incarnation from your countless lives of competing since you did what it took to split the cell…don’t give up your Practice, drive deep into your weaknesses and develop wholeness because wholeness is the foundation of Enlightenment.”

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Meet my long time WF Devotee, Rick McNabb of Lawrence, KS…last year he finished ONE DAY before the cut-off in the competition to climb the equivalent vert of Mt. Everest; on stairs!!

the thing is? Warrior McNabb is a survivor of a brain aneurysm…

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Dighándíshwo’go bee shidziil…
(Running makes me strong)
running felt more natural to me than walking.
why walk,
when you can run like a Wolf?

until i broke my spine.
i still run.
i still race, kinda.
it ain’t the same.
not carefree feet flirting like Dewa’s upon and across Mother Earth’s skin.
not any more.

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