yesterday evening,
roller skiing beneath an alpenglow splashed across the
the Sacred Peak…
a sudden and timeless peace comes to my Soul when Oneness seems to mix sky with
my sweat…

a release of hormones floods my aging,
blessed body and mind;
i grow young again and again and
endlessly again.

more seductive than any x-rated anything
is this sweat and sky inspired peacefulness…

what yogis know as “nada” arises as my road ski poles chink rhythmically into smooth pavement
another wave of the Mantra forms…
lead leg bending…then pushing off laterally…swinging
forward immediately after feeling the vastus lateralis
muscle fibers spring off the loaded tension…

lumbar spine screams for relief from the continual spinal loading,
torquing, fatiguing…
“get down lower, ilg!”
my Higher Mind whips these egoic interruptions of the lower, egoic

ski pole straps cutting into palm flesh,
self-purification follows pain
pain is weakness leaving the body…

extricate thyself from drama
breathe more sport-induced pranayama!

back at the Temple H(om)e…sounds of my baby girl giggling…
the ‘nada’ now assumes the sound of a toddler’s feet thumping
about our home…
recollections from this morning shake me:
i took Dewa to Her first “gymnastics class”
feeling fatherly pride swell as my 14 month-old Rinpoche
clambers over gymmastic cushions and grabs the ‘rings’ for
Her very first time…

after Her first “gymnastic workout”
i take her out to a “daddy and daughter breakfast” at Brandy’s
where we eat, “like Lumberjacks,” i tell Her.

Oh Noble and Sincere Seeker of Union:
feeble ilg promises you this much:
so long as there be sweat and spirit
in thy life;
there is no need to Fear Death,
nor worship Attachment,
nor cling to Possesions…
though even the Wise do…

so much suffering on this plane(t)…
which is
on November evenings like this one,
skate skis
in the growing cold
Sacred Peak
knows One Thing:
This Precious Human Life is Wonder-Full.

here is the link for a Chi Hit from where
the WF Chi Teachings began to gather m(om)entum
from a little boy ilg,
skiing in the San Juans upon wooden skis,
across frozen creeks,
beneath Anasazi Skies with a wolf named, Apache,
so many moon ago:

World Nordic Cup Begins!

kjøre, gå!!!

#1 – Ananda, Dewa, and Alpenglow on “Doko” by ilg, a couple of weeks ago.
#2- ilg in a nordic skate ski tuck; autumn training. by Ananda.
#3 – “Eating like a Lumberjack,” Dewa at a mealtime. photo by ilg.

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