this is Ouray, Colorado (aka; the Start Line for Imogene Pass Run). click to enlarge. This “Switzerland of America” is 75 miles, 3 mountain passes over 11,000′ away. i’m riding there this morning and taking Joy, Dewa, and Joy’s dad; Jerry, camping here for 2 nights. i reckon i’ll be feeling the GNARLY FUN HP PROP Workout that was cranked out last night in the Cave of Champions as i pedal over the passes…yet, that is what WF is all about: Intelligent, Yet Crazy Wisdom Workouts That Fuel Wholenesss.

So, enjoy the Archives and the SanghaLounge,
keep your Practice strong,
keep the Mantra close,
and you and i shall endlessly be training Higher together
during (y)our moments of Sacred Sweat and Deep Stillness…

head bowed,
your feeble teacher

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