note: this is first in a series of chi hits centering upon my performance at the grand-daddy of North American Mountain Running Races and one of WF’s Most Sacred Pilgrimages: the Imogene Pass Run where ilg was once a top-20 Overall finisher who now just tries to summit near the same time that i once did the whole race in!

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in one of those stunning synchronicities of life, my daughter’s birthday falls on the same date as perhaps my most Sacred of all Southwest Sport Pilgrimages; the Imogene Pass Run. here we are, Dewachen and i on Race Day Morning at the fantastic Hot Springs Inn in Ouray, Colorado mOMents before the Start Gun (and yes, here in the wild west it IS a real gun!). what would ensue? 17 of the Highest Miles of a Sacred Worship any Human Being could ever Pray to have…

most of all however, HAPPY CONTINUATION to my Dewachen who turned 3 on 9/11/10…and THANK YOU to all of your worldwide wishes for Dewa’s Birthday and my i-forget-how-many-Imogenes-i’ve-done well wishes! Thanks to ALL of you for your Mantra sends, and your Devotion toward Wholistic Fitness®…ilg and my students pretty much kicked ass across the board…just wait till you hear what i’ve got to report but DON’T WAIT to sign up and check this amazing WF Pilgrimage off your Life List! (Registration opens on June 1st and pretty much sells out their 1,500 spots within 24 hours.)

Most of all, however, ilg just wants to put out to the UniVerse (OnePoem) how absolutely HONORED both Ananda and feeble ilg are to be given the Gift of an Incarnation to be the Parents of our now 3 year-old Rinpoche, Dewachen.

To Dewa;
Sweetheart, my Precious Absolute of It All…to Be with you these past 3 years (really, four counting your still-in-your-Amma’s-tummy time) has been not only the steeeeeeeepest,
most exhauuuuuusting,
time of my life,
it’s also
been the
Forceful (Hatha)
Union (Yoga)

thank you…my Kamalikka (Little Lotus),
for you
are making
ilg – the founder of Wholistic Fitness –
far more Whole
than ilg could ever
have imagined
without thee.

and to your astonishingly Conscious M(om)?

all feeble ilg can do is
as low
and as deep
as my post-Imogene Pass Run hips
can allow.

and THAT,
my Friends Along The Path
is what
it’s all about…

my Race Report with Special Endorsements coming up soon…

hang tough,
breathe soft..

your not-so-feeble mountain yogi

1) 7:40…Dewa and Daddy 20 minutes before another Imogene Start….photo by Ananda
2) Birthday girl Dewa and Georgey (Curious George…who also happened to be my deepest Guide during my earliest years) on the evening before her 3rd birthday. photo by ilg.
3) my Little Lotus in the Bardo Tunnel at the Ouray Hot Springs Pool.
4) the ilg clan, chilling at the Ouray Hot Springs Pool post Imogene Pass Race, 2010.

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