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From mountain snow running at over 11,000′ one day, to strength training, and indoor climbing the next; that’s a WF Training Camp for you!  Above; Raven Sister belayed attentively by Shishya PY yesterday at the Durango Rec Center, where 3 world-class athletes (including myself) teach to the general public…this and all pics by ilg.

There’s not many Fitness Path’s that display the world-class versatility, cost-effectiveness, and focused fun that a WF Training Camp provides. Just ask Raven and PY who are right now are back in Flagstaff, still buzzing from their Pranic Pitstop here in Durango with me. Yesterday, during Day Two of their Training Camp, i categorically changed the Camp from outside to the inside. We met at the Durango Rec Center to enjoy an immersion into WF strength training followed by pumping plastic on the Center’s great indoor climbing wall…here are some of the Teachings…

dgo iron temple

Ahhh…the Iron Temple!  Here are some of the Teachings i covered with the girls during our 1.50 hour strength training clinic and workout:

  • participatory clinic of such classic WF  Strength Training Techniques such as; Staccato, 3-Stage, Ku, Shivaya…
  • personal postural adjustments and rhythmic lifting techniques during the workout which included Back Squats, Leg Curls, Flyes into Presses, Front Lateral Raises into Side Lateral Raises, Curls, Two-Bench Triceps,et. al.
  • demonstration of “Eldorados” my classic rock-climbing movement
  • enjoyment of Medium Form WF Flexibility
  • conscious breath modulation during strength training in order maximize the Yin/Yang poetry inherent to the Iron Temple finesse and focus

and sooo much more!   AMAZING how absolutely far ahead WF Strength Training philosophies and techniques are still ahead of conventional gym wisdom…how, how the compassion pours from ilg’s heart when i look around at the horrid, unconscious lifting form still so prominently displayed in the gym!   aahhh!

belay clinic

after pre-fatiguing my Precious Shishya’s in the Iron Temple, it was time to polish off our core and kinesthetic skills on the indoor climbing wall.  First up was making sure our Belaying Techniques were in order…

PY high stepping

…here is what quality coaching provides;  if you can believe it,  Shishya PY is brand new to the sport of climbing.  in this pic,  you can readily find all sorts of her WF training paying off as this Pranic Princess – just coming off back to back Half Ironmans! – expresses the wholeness of our Path during a high-step maneuver on the wall.  to wit:

  • her head position is looking DOWN; this is huge.  too many beginning climbers creen their necks always looking up, grasping for hand holds; whereas the artful skill and strength of climbing comes from attending to thy footwork!
  • note her bottom foot; toeing off and check that beautiful calf muscle!  just use the first inch of your climbing shoe toe box to develop poetic form and enhance reach.
  • her hips are away from the wall, allowing her right foot to make the high step; such high steps are accessible by constancy in HP Yoga™!
  • her hand are at heart level which limits ‘pumped forearms’ due to chronic over-reaching

ilg & py

Noblest, Most Graceful and Inspiring Gurujilg,
with immense Gratitude for It All.
lOve, lOve, lOve and Healing Light,
( py )

What do you TAF from just these quick chi hits from our two half-days together?  Sound like something your fitness and spiritual journey might benefit from?   Schedule your Private Intensive or Training Camp today for the coming year!  i would LOVE to Serve you just a piece of the WF Pie, straight from the Birthplace of the world’s most effective, transpersonal fitness Path;   Wholistic Fitness™!

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  1. Leslie Hutchinson says:

    Hey you two!!!! sister HP yogini’s!!! I so enjoyed this post from Durango – I miss seeing you both – and I felt like I had been traveling in your jacket pocket. Thank you. May our paths cross again. Blessings – LH

  2. Brad Gantt says:

    Wow! Gotta make time to do this soon. Looks like all had a Chi-full time. They’ll be buzzing for weeks!

  3. ck says:

    We ARE still buzzing!! Being able to once again shed Sacred sweat in person with El Coache was incredible and getting a hug from the Ilg clan busted my heart right open. I’d highly rec(om)mend making the pilgrimage if you can….looking forward to getting back there soon.

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