tree drops

“Tree Drops” as captured by Coach Ilg.  Many of you have cOMmented with much Metta on my photography over the years…if you are indeed touched by some of my pics?   Ilg can’t take credit for anything except, “Just Listening” to my world around me…Vishnu takes care of the rest.


It must have been last night’s Kiva Call with you…the perma-grin in my heart since our sharing is as outlasting as is the palette of autumn perfection outside my river home office.

I’ve said that there are only two words in the Bible Of Wholistic Fitness: “Just Listen.”

Not hearing.


And when it comes to freedom through fitness, we must Just Listen to the language of our body. And our Mind. And our Spirit.

Soygal Rinpoche: “The way to discover the freedom of the wisdom of egolessness, the masters advise us, is through the process of listening and hearing, contemplation and reflection, and meditation. They advise us to begin by listening repeatedly to the spiritual teachings. As we listen, they will keep on and on reminding us of our hidden wisdom nature.

Gradually, as we listen to the teachings, certain passages and insights in them will strike a strange chord in us, memories of our true nature will start to trickle back to us, and a deep feeling of something homely and uncannily familiar will slowly awaken.”

Beautiful, isn’t it? That is why ilg is so grateful for the wide ways and depths of incorporating WF Dharma into our Practice of Svadhaya or ‘self-study through spiritual literature.’ The ‘spiritual literature’, which – of course – should include the Ancient Scriptures and Sutras, yet also, for a more Tribal and easily-hit incentive, WF offers Coach’s Latest Teachings on the new website, the SanghaLounge with it’s massive Archival treasure trove, and my MP3 audio teachings, and now our monthly Kiva Talks (For Members Only)!

Such little peppering each day from WF Dharma surely keeps the notion of Just Listening close…like a spinning, golden Aspen leaf just one more twist away from it’s elegant entry into the Bardo, so too, reading just a smidgen or Just Listening to a WF Dharma offering might just be that next twist into your next ShiftHigher.

3 Responses to “(Free!) Listening Repeatedly…Abhyasa in svadhaya”

  1. Leslie Hutchinson says:

    Thank you – you and I have always delighted in the earth world of wind, moon, trees, birds, snow, fire, ice …. I treasure those drops of non-human nectar that continue to remind me. LH

  2. coach says:

    Precious Sister LH,

    Dancing leaves like bats (5)
    flutter about Grandma Moon (7)
    a Heron in flight (5)

  3. eyt :() says:

    beautiful truthful vibrations in everything, everywhere, everytime. so why do i forget to listen? *breathe*

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