This is THE CLASSIC Flexibility Routine of Wholistic Fitness™ since 1982! Originally appeared in Coach’s old, “4 Kinesthetic Teachings of WF” VHS video! Watch and flow with Coach as he enjoys demonstrating this ultra-classic sequence in only 3 1/2 minutes which back in the 1980’s helped usher in the acceptance of “yoga for athletes” before even the word “Yoga” was acceptable by mainstream athletes! In typical “ilg fashion”, Coach displays poetic movement and wide-open suppleness even after doing a 2.5 hour nordic backcountry skiing workout at over 11,000′!


after seeing Coach’s 3-minute version and realizing that you have absolutely no excuses not to stretch ever again,  you can then fall in love with the way Coach’s beloved Partner, Joy (Ananda) Kilpatrick guides you through her exquisite 11 1/2 minute modified version, expressing an elegant “yin” counterpart to Coach’s quicker, “yang” version.

· Practiced each day by Fitness Warriors worldwide for 28 years!

· The same form that helped inspire athletes toward yoga decades ago!

· Can be done in 3 minutes…or 30!

· Two videos in one; a quick Yang version and a slower, modified Yin version!

· The ideal practice to crank off as a warm up and/or cool down!



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