Like vapors of the Ancient One’s ujjayi breathing,  in the HP Yoga™ tradition, the Iron-fisted Chaturanga still remains a pranically-potent catalyst of all  principles sacred to the High Mountain Yogi Tradition…the “Ilg Loincloth” exclusively by www.verveclimbing.com Below, i describe how to safely enter, sustain, and exit this nadic-firing posture of the Ancient Ones and describe the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits.


1) come to Table Pose
(hands-and-knees posture).  make fists with palms facing each under directly under the shoulder heads.   “stand” on your fists to support upper body.  do not collapse at wrist.  if you do collapse,  see my other books on Strength Training and return to this posture when you are stronger.


2) step the right leg back, and then, when you feel inwardly supported (preferably via Mula Bandha, Ujjayi Pranayama) then step the left back into an “Iron-fisted Plank Posture” (see photo above).  Stay here and breathe 5 Ujjayi breaths. wrap your tail slightly down as you spread through the inner shoulder girdle.  if uncomfortable, then, stop, rest.  and repeat Steps 1-2 for a few more weeks.

3) keeping Mula Bandha and Ujjayi engaged, bend both elbows directly to the back of you so that the inner elbows scrub the ribs.  lower down until the upper arm bones are parallel to Mother Earth (see opening photo).  Stay here and breathe 5 Ujjayi breaths.  if uncomfortable, then, stop, rest.  and repeat Steps 1-3 for a few more weeks.

4) inhale, grip Mula, and lifting the inner thighs upward with as much veracity as you are pushing into Mother Earth with your arms, float yourself back to Plank Pose.   Stay here and breathe 5 Ujjayi breaths.  if uncomfortable, then, stop, rest.  and repeat Steps 1-4 for a few more weeks.

5) Repeat in a vinyasa style Steps 1-4 above to the limits of your elegant capacity.

pretty much improves CT strength through entire body specifically  re-aligning the two joints of the shoulders, scapular stabilization, core strength.

enhancement of Dharana, categorically upshifts pain tolerance

increases nadic pulsing threshold and equanimity

May your Practice be fiercely loving,

your feeble teacher

original text and photos by coach ilg do not forward without permission

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  1. Kit Johaneson says:

    Great workout – as soon as I recover from rotor cuff surgery I will get on it.
    Ai Imawa
    Fit Kit

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