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“All the sweat and stillness we Practice? Mere apprenticeship for Awakening…and perhaps one day…Enlightenment!”  Photo by HP Yogini Celestia taken last night at her and Miguel’s amazing dinner party.  L-R;  Rinpoche Dewachen, feeble ilg,  Beautiful Ananda; the ilg clan.

Each relationship is Sacred…we’ve never punched, kissed, stole from, cussed at, killed, squashed, loved, fawned over, given birth to, become a chi-ld of any being that we have not already (or will one lifetime) punch(ed), kiss(ed), steal from, cuss(ed) at, kill(ed), squash(ed), love(d), marr(y)ied, fawn(ed) over, give(n) birth to, become a chi-ld from.


Hard to meditate on, however we must:  Even our biologic family may not necessarily be our deepest spiritual family, yet the Grocery Store clerk very well might. Abba and Rinpo last night, playing on the great big cushy pillows.  That’s “Flora” in Rinpo’s left hand and Playdough in her right. pic by Celestia.

As Sogyal Rinpoche puts it:

Is karma really so hard to see in operation? Don’t we only have to look back at our own lives to see clearly the consequences of some of our actions? When we upset or hurt someone, didn’t it rebound on us? Were we not left with a bitter and dark memory, and the shadows of self-disgust? That memory and those shadows are karma. Our habits and our fears too are also due to karma, the results of our past actions, words, and thoughts. If we examine our actions, and become really mindful of them, we will see that there is a pattern that repeats itself. Whenever we act negatively, it leads to pain and suffering; whenever we act positively, it eventually results in happiness.

mens group

Mens Group…Warriors discussing (read; embellishing) Cycling Battledance stories!  L-R;  Latshaw, ilg, Miguel. photo by Celestia.

The only differences between us are physical and mental. At the Soul Level?  We are are firing from the same unified field…the field of Love and Cosmic Light.  It’s all gonna cOMe out in the Death M(om)ent wash anyway…and don’t train foolishly on the mental and physical levels thinking that during our Last Gasp our bodies and minds are going to help us create Peace at the timing of our Death.  They can’t.


The Soul Force of Love…Miguel and Celestia express it beautifully while knowing how to throw a dinner party! Miguel is the “B” Champion of the Durango Wheel Club and he just started taking my HP Yoga classes in Durango…so too, does Celestia however, she already has a very strong Practice. pic by ilg.

Only our Soul Force can provide the peaceful transition through the chaos and fear and utterly unspeakable intensities which await ALL of us at our most important Workout ever:  our Death M(om)ent.  So, if your pissed off at your Teacher (and everyone in our lives is our Teacher) about money, attachment, expectation, etc….just get OVER it,  and stop wasting time.   By using the WF Path as our springboard toward Dying Consciously, THEN we are REALLY starting to make some incredible fitness gains;  regardless of how fast you are in triathlons or on bikes or how much weight you can lift.  All of that sweat is apprenticeship of which i Taught you earlier this week.   All the Sweat is apprenticeship for Awakening…and perhaps, one day; Enlightenment.

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