today, ilg washed my kettle for Buddha using several WF Techniques.  if you’ve washed a dish recently while remaining unconscious of the absolutely exquisite opportunities for elevating your Enlightenment potential during the washing of the dish?  then, well, hate to tell you…you’ve managed to Separate once again, your notion of personal fitness from your everyday life…quit wasting precious m(om)ents;  study WF as if your spiritual life depended on it…cuz it does.

Student: El Coache, just got a new tea kettle exclusively for Calli Beverage

Coach: Precious IC,  go(o)d!

Student: what type of soap does ilg recommend for this?

Coach: any ‘good-for-the-environment’ type of dish soap (such as Seventh Generation™) shall serve quite well

the more important Practices are as follows:

  • * wash the kettle for Go(o)d…it is, after all, Go(o)d’s kettle, not ‘yours’
  • * wash the kettle using non-Dominant Hand Awareness
  • * wash the kettle with the Blessed Mantra

Student: what type of soap does ilg use on all other dishes?

Coach: See my above counsel

Student: another question:

• how many VitaDophilus packets do students typically use daily? (ic currently uses one)



Coach: one per day right up front.. first thing into the gut before ANY food or beverage.  i TAF my next Monthly Dharma Call will be on the SUNRIDER Herbs, and i’ll tell you why then, if you remind me during the call…it’s very interesting.

head bowed,

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