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Coach Ilg,

Blown away, that’s all I can say.

Last night while out training with my probie SAR (Search And Rescue) class, we got a call for a rescue of stranded hikers in Eaton Canyon (Altadena/Pasadena).

We responded, I humped my callout pack (35 lbs) and a 350′ rope (30+ lbs) up the canyon to the base of the Razorback trail.

I got picked to go up with the member of another SAR team and two of my teammates up the trail……it’s a free climb with some very steep pitches and exposure on both sides of the razorback….and set some handlines for a safe descent for the 3 victims at the top of the ridge.

I was then asked to join the other SAR team on the top to sit with one of the victims, a brave 8 year old chi-ld named Sean.

After setting more handlines up top, I brought this boy down, calmly and methodically, constantly checking on him, asking him how he felt etc., keeping in mind, as allways, my twin princesses at home and what they may TAF in his shoes.

We got him to canyon bottom safely and some fellow SAR folks walked him out to his M(om).

I was amazed at the bravery this kid showed in trusting me on the descent.  Although he was roped up and harnessed in, it was still a tough 500-600′ of bare rock, at night, with temps dropping.

On the hike out I spent some quality time alone with my thoughts, realizing that on the initial ascent, I was putting my life on the line for these people that needed help.  In as much as personal safety is first and foremost in everything we do, as you know, at times you just have to ‘do the do’, in this case it meant climbing this ridge, unroped, hauling a pack, in the dark, and just getting it done.

WF is Bardo Training.

I was humbled to be picked to go up the route, there were very experienced regular members on our team at canyon bottom (and I’m still a Probie).  I further humbled to be picked to bring the brave little warrior down.

Though my physical practice has wavered recently (a trend I need to reverse) I never, ever stray far away from the WF Lifestyle Principles of

1)  Breath and Posture – the roots
2)  Mindfulness – the tree that grows from 1)
3)  Appropriate Action – the flowers that bloom from 2)
4)  Practice – the fruit that is born of 1-3


Roberto I. Crespo

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    Awesome Roberto!

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