Dear Coach,
i have read for years now your beautiful, eloquent Teachings on Bardo Entry…i know first hand of just how empowering your deeply conscious counseling as a Reverend and Recognized Dharma Server can be for the dying…so thank you.  However, during the recent Death and Dying of my father with which you helped so pricelessly, I have been thrown into a type of Bardo myself and have questioned so many things about living and dying.  I need to ask you this;  What are your TAF’s about suicide? Forgive me if you have already offered a Teaching on this…I scanned the Teachings Archives as best as I could to no avail.  I do not ever want you to think I am lazy before asking such a pivotal question.

For All You Choose To Be and Do No Matter What,

your student A.B.

Coach Responds:

Dear Precious Dharma Brother AB,
i can offer you my response personally and then that of my Tibetan Teacher(s) who know the Bardo Realms like I know the Durango Nordic Ski Trail System.

it is said, “One picture is worth a thousand words,” and i reMind you of this picture of myself pinnacle jumping in the Northern Cascades:


you accept me as a Teacher?  really!?!?  would you have taken my hand in yours when i asked you, “Are you ready?” before this jump of mine in the Northern Cascades?   WF is no joke.  WF is Bardo Training; make no mistake Oh Noble Yogi!

most of you who are Members are well acquainted with my history.  you know that i made my living for nearly 15 years as a professional extreme outdoor athlete, long before “helmet cams” were even thought of, let alone YouTube.   thus,  no footage of my near-daily extreme adventures exists.  thank Shiva!

in the years before the internet, i wrote publicly and sangha-ic-cally (that is, officially, the worst hatchet-job even i have had to do on the English language in order to articulate what i need to…sorry!) on my Bardo Training under Rinpoche Trungpa at Naropa University.  many spoke of ‘dying’ while meditating (on a comfy cushion).  i lived the meditation cushion while free soloing ice, rock, and high peak walls at a world-class rate for over a decade.  in essence, i had to ‘make it okay to die’ while i attempted my free solo climbs (no rope, no protection whatsoever save for self-confidence and surrender to the Divine which is known as Ishvara-Pradnidhana to yogis). i only stopped free soloing after losing half a thumb on a 40′ winger on Super Spoon in Eldorado Canyon on the final preview roped ascent before i was going to free solo it and that, combined with climbers gathering and following me in Eldo “to watch me die” as i did my free solo’s.   so yes, ilg is qualified like few others to speak on suicide, for i needed for years, nearly every day, to make it okay for me to die…

Part Two cOMing tomorrow…

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