no skate ski higher than ilg’s on this October 8th day of days!  over 12,000′ on the Continental Divide using Skate Skis!

Get On With It…

i hear myself breathing upward…

just GET ON WITH IT….no matter WHAT the hec it is;

no matter how full of canvassed Fear…

no matter how incompetent you feel,

how under-confidenced you feel…

just do this Noble Warrior Yogi on the Path of Awakening:

Take the Full Selection of thy Karmic Workshop and Duties thereof in this incarnation because the out-patterned, archaic model of resistance really just doesn’t slide as poetically, as gracefully and this ski; single-struck glides beneath my knee, tethered to my glute…

people talk this and that,

and all skiing

and all fitness,

(and the Outer World as well)  is going way, super high tech, and so arrogantly phat…

for ilg however?

my feeble counsel to Thee is thus:

the proper aspiration of the Pureland is to go nominal…

go empty handed,

go naked as possible;

cuz in the Bardo?

there ain’t no phatness and no Red Bull(sh*t) allowed…

2 Responses to “(all access) First Snow inspires the sense of “GET ON WITH IT!” Yogi!!!”

  1. Kit Johaneson says:

    No new snow on the Continental Divide in the Canadian Rockies.
    Just a hint to good things to come.
    Fit Kit

  2. coach says:

    FIT KIT!

    awesome attitude!
    got the BC Magazine w/Calendar!!!!!! you are as Blessed and Beautiful as the land from where you live…honored to be on the Path with you all these years! keep crankin’…


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