Dewa gettin’ stoked in her new Obermeyer snowsuit (with compass!),  racing helmet, and goggles courtesy of the Hesperus Ski Patrol Ski Swap…which benefits my own chi-ldhood ski area (which i want to buy and turn into a nordic and alpine ski training facility) and is
precisely where i got all my childhood ski gear…except it was nowhere NEAR this styling!

Hi Daddy!…meanwhile Mommy does the job of several while unloading groceries…

…yikes!  there is a Snow Goblin at the front window!!!

Trevor (6 months young) explores tentatively his first experience of snow!

Snow = Happy Ilg’s…regardless of age!

Snow Bunny Dewa…

in Detail…ilg wishes to believe that all of us still get as kicked up in our Soul upon the First Snows…as does Dewa…and i!

what Go(o)d is a front yard if you can’t ski in it!?!?!

Colorado Blue Spruce across the sacred River from our casa…we call him/her “HaTha”…in reference to his/her split top symbolizing to us the non duality of yoga/union…sun/moon,  male/female,  yang/yin…that type of thing…

a lot of the times, when the warrior sadhaka (spiritual aspirant) comes to grips with Vairagya (non-passion/non attachment) they mistakenly think that it is necessary to kill desire…on the contrary,  ilg is coaching you not to kill them, not to quell them;  however,  we must make our desires and Attachments go the Divine Way.

that is all…keep it simple,  sweat often, sit still more than you sweat,

and all-Ways stay tuned to this Channel…

keeping you centered, strong, supple, and full of spirit since 1982…

head bowed….

coach ilg

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