Confused on what, exactly, an Enlightened State might be?   Me too.  Often…especially when ilg is NOT skiing, cycling, meditating, doing yoga-asana…Fortunately,  i have a live-in Rinpoche so, during my frequent (spiritually) asleep states,  ilg does need not to imagine the nature of Enlightenment,   hec no…that’s too complicated…all Blessed Ilg has to do, is to look at the face of ‘my’ Daughter…and thereupon ilg immediately is Graced by a High, Pure Mind manifested as an amazingly beautiful face refracting the untarnished Mind of a Soul still smacking of It’s Divine Union.  When i gaze so adoringly into ‘my Daughters’  eyes?   the eyes which reflect my gaze are eyes that have seemingly never seen a mirror before.   She REALLY DOESN’T CARE that my nose is big, there are old-man wrinkles etched upon my face like dinosaur tracks imprinted into heated, hard sandstone.

Truth:  When feeble ilg’s first met my Sat Guru’s gaze?  It was like seeing for the First Time,  my own TRUE Face reflected, and it was…it was…either HeartBreaking, HeartStopping, HeartOpening…. to this day, ilg doesn’t know which…ilg only Knew from that point onward,  my wholeness trip would point only one direction:  Inward.

Just like the Pure Face of ‘my’ Dewa’s precious face, the pure awareness borne from Sacred Sweat and Stillness is not something “new” that some ‘Teacher” or “(Life)Coach” or “Infomercial”  is giving you that you did not have before.

Nor is it something you ever EVER  find outside of yourself…be it through Lasers or Athletic Tape applied… It has always been yours, and helped give Birth to you, yet notwithstanding those precious m(OM)ents where you Connect Without Compromise,  It still remains those aloof in-stances whereupon you have never actually seen It directly.

The yogi asked the Scientist, “Have you ever been in Love?”

“Yes, replied the Award-Winning Scientist…

“Then…prove it.”

Blessed be thy Practice…

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head bowed,

your ever paltry and insignificant teacher of no-thing

pic;  Rinpoche Dewachen, 12/2/07

2 Responses to “Confused on the Enlightened State?”

  1. Rick Strong says:

    Perfect. The privileged time I have with my 9 month old granddaughter puts me in the same place. Your writing just keeps getting better. Best Wishes to you and yours, rick

  2. Roberto Crespo says:

    Beautiful….and so true. I’m blessed to have two live-in guru’s and two sets of eyes to gaze into….and lose myself….and find myself. Awesome stuff…..

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