you ARE c(om)ing,  right!?!?!   ilg swears to Lord Vishnu my little DreamSpeak WILL BECOME a National Championship one day!   so,  get on out to beautiful D-town, and share the Sacred Sweat of my own snowshoe race with me, how ’bouts!?

regardless,  enjoy the video…you’ll see several of my Durangatang Warrior Students in here:  Diné Warrior Leaf “Hum SAH”ing his way up Powerline toward a podium finish,  Andrew “the mutant” Ferguson throwing down the Course Record, Garret “Twin Diesel” Ford firing toward a 2nd place finish,  Jennifer Noonan,  2011 HP Yogi of the Year “Asoka” crankin’ to a win in the 5k, and MANY OTHERS!    c’mon!

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